36th America’s Cup – The Christmas Acceptance


I have always been drawn to the highs and lows of sport. A tumultuous journey of emotion as after 3 years of hard work the team started the competition horribly, losing six of six races during the Christmas Regatta in December 2020.

After Covid 19 disrupted all of the team’s training schedules we landed in New Zealand a little unsure of how we would perform against the other teams in the first and only pre-main event organised racing. We went in optimistic, we finished last.

Those days of constant defeat took their toll on the confidence of the team as a whole, felt as if it was the beginning of the end of the team’s campaign for the Auld Mug.

On this day in particular we had everything going against us, defeat inevitable. light winds and a boat that just wasn’t playing ball as we head into the last day.

The Sun was brutally hot without the apparent wind against you we were all so used to. During these periods of waiting for the wind stories are often recounted to pass the time. 

Chairs are a luxury on any race boat. Informal chats bloom from the boat in every corner, bringing a blossom of laid-out bodies.

Giles has a quick catch up with Systems lead, Andy McLean

Rob liked the way Giles was doing it so had a go himself

The Grinders union shares a story with the Skipper as we wait for wind.

The crew come together for an informal meeting as the presence of Chase Boat 3 Driver, Olly Bampton is requested over the team’s radio.

…And that’s when i realised my Bluetooth speaker was connected.


Olly’s tale of blunder brings a smile to the crew’s faces in the midst of an emotionally traumatic week of racing.