Day 2

36th America’s Cup – The Round Robins Day 2


I have always been drawn to the highs and lows of sport.

I had the fortune of being right in the action due to my day-to-day role within the Performance Team. During the races I was busy with that job, I’d grab the camera and snap a few shots as and when I could.

A tumultuous journey of emotion as after 3 years of hard work the team started the competition horribly, losing every race during the Christmas Regatta in December 2020.

The next stage was the round robins, every team raced each other three times, with the exception of the New Zealand boat who, as the defender had already qualified for the final.

After winning the first two races of the competition day 2 definitely had a different feeling to it.

The team went into day 2 with the mentality of a great start but still plenty to go.

Boat captain Jeff Causey doing final checks inside the bow section of the race boat.

Flight controller Leigh McMillan and Skipper Sir Ben Ainslie look at Coach Rob’s latest weather updates ahead of Watching Luna Rossa Race American Magic

The Team watches the first race of the day from the side of the boat. 

The mood changed a little just before race two starts as a  hydraulic leak is discovered. Jeff Causey speaks on the phone to one of the engineers ashore, while Luke “Parko” Parkinson looks to get involved in fixing the issue.

Hydraulic Engineer Lovers pieces back together with the system after replacing a few parts, all in almost complete darkness and incredibly hot and humid conditions. 

INEOS took the lead in a very light wind race, drifting around in displacement mode.

Crowds gather on the hills of Auckland harbour to watch the races every day, regardless of weather conditions.

INEOS up flying the foils extending the lead as American magic sits in displacement mode behind

Ben, immediately after winning, holds his poise for the imminent live television interview he will shortly have to do.

Systems lead Andy “Animal” McLean feels the relief of the race win after the last-minute issues. He laughs off the system-related jokes from the grinders.

Freddie laughs with Animal as the team wins 3 out of 3


Giles Scott and Sir Ben finally get a chance to reflect on the racing after filming their respective interviews for the race TV