36th America’s Cup – The Prada Cup Final Day 1


I have always been drawn to the highs and lows of sport.

I had the fortune of being right in the action due to my day-to-day role within the Performance Team. During the races I was busy with that job, I’d grab the camera and snap a few shots as and when I could.

A tumultuous journey of emotion as after 3 years of hard work the team started the competition horribly, losing every race during the Christmas Regatta in December 2020.

After the defeat at Christmas and subsequently winning the Round Robbin event without dropping a race the team were optimistic and eager to get back on the race course. A month had passed since the last race and both teams had made chages.

Day 1 was a two-race scenario. A beating sun and very low wind caused delays and the race really wasn’t playing in our favor.

Seeking shade, the sailors try to cool off as we wait for the races to start.

Tim Carter helps raise the mainsail ahead of the first race of the day.

The enthusiasm begins to wane in the late summers sun, just as the delayed racing starts.

Ben and Giles looking for answers from coach Rob after a poor start and a penalty in the light wind closed out the first race.

The battery swap. Both the power-making sailors and the literal battery powering the computers onboard were replaced between every race.

Dismay as the team go on to lose the second race of the day as well.

A brutal, long day on the water for the team. Not the start they wanted but if we knew anything, it was how to shrug off a loss.