36th America’s Cup – The Prada Cup Final Day 2


I have always been drawn to the highs and lows of sport.

I had the fortune of being right in the action due to my day-to-day role within the Performance Team. During the races I was busy with that job, I’d grab the camera and snap a few shots as and when I could.

A tumultuous journey of emotion as after 3 years of hard work the team started the competition horribly, losing every race during the Christmas Regatta in December 2020.

After the defeat at Christmas and subsequently winning the Round Robbin event without dropping a race the team were optimistic and eager to get back on the race course. A month had passed since the last race and both teams had made chages.

Day 2, another two-race scenario. 0-2 down. The team shell shocked by defeat succumb to the Italians again ending the day 0-4

Joey Newton wears the face of defeat as the third race in the Prada Cup Final again falls to Luna Rossa. 

The atmosphere onboard is quiet as the performance boat comes alongside.

The systems team on board in between the races doing their best to keep the boat alive and kicking after a huge tacking duel in the previous race.

Ben shares a short-lived smile with Coach Rob in between the races.

the second race of the day, Chasing from the get-go, INEOS was slower upwind and downwind. The Italians sailed away from the start and kept ahead.

Freddie shows the results of A brutal day for the powerhouse grinders on board these boats.

A few unforced errors from the start line losing control of the boat at one stage crashing into the sea as well as crossing the boundary for a penalty later in the race.

0 -4 in a first to 7 series. You cling to hope in times of defeat like these, when the hope is gone the reality hits hard.

The team preparing to head back towards the dock after another difficult day.